Why Redevelopment?

As the city of Mumbai embraces the future, its old creaky buildings are being replaced by new swanky towers. Redevelopment is a sort of a magic wand that is completely changing the cityscape. Redevelopment basically refers to the process of reconstruction of the residential / commercial premises by demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new structure. This process entails the use of the land by exploiting additional TDR, FSI and Fungible FSI as specified under the Development Control Regulations of Municipal Corporation of Grater Mumbai (MCGM). Redevelopment has been envisaged to rejuvenate Mumbai which is facing tremendous land shortage.

Over the last few years, as redevelopment gathers pace, Milan Group has emerged on the horizon as a leading player in that space. Infact, Milan Group is renowned as one of the pioneers in this space and had a rich experience in handling redevelopment projects of societies. With scores of projects undertaken and many more in the pipeline, Milan Group is an active participant in changing the skyline of the city, today and in the days to come.

Formula for Successful Redevelopment

  • Complete transparency between Builder & Society Members
  • Incorporating Society / members suggestions in Planning Stage
  • Regular site visits with PMC & Society and Study the Progress of Work

Why Us?

  • Our Team Work ensures timely completion of Projects
  • Top level consultants
  • Speedy Approvals
  • Aesthetic Elevation
  • Excellent Planning / Design with optimum utilisation of space
  • High construction quality achieved by adapting to latest technology
  • Plush amenities of reputed brands
  • Ample parking space
  • Sound and stable financial position
  • 100% Occupation Certificate record till date